This presentation and cards were used at a gathering of the western states organizations for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The Presentation:

The Game:

After the game, participants broke into groups fo 6-8 for game play. Each group received a deck of cards, a scenario, and the following instructions:

  • Identify your top audience for your scenario
  • Create a messaging campaign for that audience
  • Select tools from your deck of cards to spread your message. Your budget is 10 points.
  • Document your choices.


SCENARIO #1 Give an Hour, Change a Life and a Place
You are trying to recruit volunteers to work with disadvantage youth on an inner city rehabilitation project. The idea is that engaging young people in such a positive endeavor will both save the building and give participants a sense of accomplishment, building skills and self esteem.

SCENARIO #2 Preservation = Jobs
Your state legislature is developing a jobs bill. You want to persuade them to include a tax incentive for historic rehabilitation.

SCENARIO #3 Save Energy, Save Historic Windows
Everyone wants to jump on the energy efficiency bandwagon and replacing old windows has been billed as a sure fire way to do that. You need to dispel that myth, defend the energy efficiency of properly fitted and maintained historic windows, and let people know they have options.

The cards: