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Demetrio Maguigad, New Media Manager
Community Media Workshop

From an email to Beth Kanter

We haven't officially met but have always referred many in my workshops to all your resources and especially your blog. Gordon pointed me the social media game. I was really curious about this and wanted to try it out at a training.

Based on my participants (arts nonprofits) I modified the game and tried one round with them and it worked out great! I wanted to send you the files and modifications I made.

I tried categorizing the cards and added what was called "Objective Cards" which gave the groups a set of objectives and goals for their online social communicating. This worked well after the short lecture on online strategies. I also included what was called "Situation Cards" which brought into play real-life situations that were either "Dilemas" (loosing credits), "Opportunities" (gaining credits) and "Wild cards" which broadened their brainstorming power. These cards added a little of excitement in their process and challenged them to process and strategize.

This was a very good exercise which:
1. Helped participants identify online tools by catagory and by type
2. Allowed participants to think a bit more clearly as to what they really needed based on their objectives
3. Provided a space for processing and strategizing.

All the files provided. I'm still waiting to hear back on what they thought of the exercise, but their initial response was very positive. Some responded that it would be a great tool to use with their staff to help with their own organization's planning.

Thanks Beth!