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Welcome! You've discovered the Social Media Game Wiki. The game was first played at a workshop created and facilitated by David Wilcox and Beth Kanter in the UK in January, 2007. The game has been remixed by both David and Beth and others ...

David Wilcox's Newest Version of the Game
http://socialbysocial. social-by-social-game-at- reboot-britain/

The Social by Social Book provides more details

There's an essay on charities here book/what-means-charities

Updated version by Roxanne Darling

Global Neighborhood Game by David

Communications Version by David
webhosting vergleich by David
E-Learning by David
US Nonprofit Version by Beth
Documentary Filmmakers by Beth
Creative Commons and Open Content by Beth
Fundraising 2.0 by Steve Bridger
Historic Preservation Orgs by Holly Ross and National Trust for Historic Preservation
Italian Version by Francesco Santini
GOLD news
Nancy White in Columbia (photos)
Khmer Version by Beth
Michele Martin - E-Learning version
Demetrio Maguigad, New Media Manager, Community Media Workshop - arts organization version
Teresa Crawford created a version for Albania
Joitske Hulsebosch version for development professionals in dutch
Beth Kanter, Hawaii Version

Kivi Leroux Miller - Social Media Crisis Game

Some people have expressed an interest in remixing the game - other languages, other contexts. So, here's a wiki space to share the remixes and provide easy templates for remixing.